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Entries of Dubious Authenticity:

Susie St. Pierre of Machias, ME

“I always get a wicked kick out of Red Sox Comics,” writes Susie. “Funnier than ‘The Family Circus’ and less Canadian than ‘For Better or For Worse.’ I piss myself and sometimes it’s because of your comics!”

Ian Parkman of Cambridge, MA

He says “Your comics are enlightening, and being able to add one’s own dialogue is an empowering option. I’ve shared the link with everyone in my building, and they concur that Sox Comics are something special.”

Legit Entries:

John Doleman

Doles turns in a fine piece that you can relate to if you’ve ever lost something you love or just secretly love to read on the hopper. This should replace “Wuthering Heights” as required reading in public high schools.

Steve Molis

Steve’s entry adresses the pressing problems of Carl’s latent insanity and Brian Daubach’s troubling emulation of our 16th president. Special bonus feature: reprehensible cellphone people at Fenway!

Valerie Athena of Jamaica Plain

Valerie says “Naturally, I think that baseball is disgusting, and your comics aren’t funny. In fact, nothing is. I elected to submit the view of my Anarcho-Feminist collective in the hopes of smashing ignorance.