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I'm going to describe a recent comic strip published on the web. It involves altered photos of a baseball player strung into a story. The player in question is Japanese, turns into a super hero and fights a giant monster set against the skyline of a major city. He has a radioactive glow.

Sounds like my "Nomo Saves The Day," posted on May 24th of this year. Unfortunately, it also describes an feature about Ichiro Suzuki which first appeared on July 10th.

I know, I know. My production values are very low, this site has almost no promotion and it's hosted by Tripod, the world's largest purveyor of crappy web logs and schizophrenic rantings. I did, however, receive a treasured link from the late BSG site, which was frequented by contributors. It sounds a little paranoid as I write this, but the similarities are too great for me not to feel cheated.

See for yourself. Click here for my story from May, and then go here for the recent Page Two feature.

Obviously, it's not an issue that I'd bother to press. I'm not that kind of person. I don't gain financially from this site. Disney (ESPN's parent company) could dismember me on the steps of the Boston Police Headquarters and the cops would just step over the mess.

I guess the moral of the story is:


I'm wicked cool.

2. is probably in negotiations with Mike Barnacle and Jeff Jacoby.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: