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Itís not that great a contest. It is, however, an opportunity for you, the reader, to have your work posted on this site.

Hereís the deal: The first attempt at a Red Sox Comic was recently rediscovered. We canít remember what the plot was supposed to involve-- all we found are the panels and the balloons. Frankly, the sequence of photos doesnít lend itself to a clear narrative. Thatís where you come in! Save the three following pages and insert your own dialogue. Send it back, and weíll post it. Everyone who enters wins. Itís a lot like the Special Olympics that way. One lucky entrant will also get an incredibly tacky WWF nylon wallet that came into my possession.

On to the pages!

Special Tips For Special People: To save the panels, move the cursor over them and right click the mouse. Select ďsave picture asĒ. If all you have to edit the photos is MS Paint, save the images as bitmaps. If youíre using a Macintosh, those directions are wrong and youíre probably indignant.