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When:Sunday June 16 at 7 P.M.
Where:Starting at Bill's apartment (84 Chandler St. Apt. 5, Boston) and moving to a bar to be decided by the attendees

Q:I’ve never read anything longer than a Fresca bottle. Why would this interest me?
A:It might not. However, there will be beer there-- Murphy’s stout, even though it’s not Dublin-based. It’s just better than Guinness. There, I said it. Harp will also be available for those who can’t handle the black.

ADDENDUM: There will also be a mystery beer. Bill's folks brought him a 5-liter mini-keg of something unusual from Montreal. Let's hear it for Bill's folks!
Q:What are we going to do at this gathering?
A:We’re going to drink the aforementioned beer and read aloud some great passages from Ulysses. June 16th is the date on which the book occurs (in 1904). The host hopes to read part of chapter 17, to which this whole Q&A section that you’re reading is a reference. Perhaps a woman in attendence will read the best parts of chapter 18 (“Penelope,” or “Molly Bloom’s Soliliquy”). We won’t beat it to death, though. It’s as much about having something interesting to do on a Sunday night.
Q:Isn’t Bill’s place really small?
A:Yup. We’ll all have a good laugh about it and then Bill will get defensive. The size of the venue is why we’re going to move to a bar.
Q:Will Beth be there?
A:Most definitely. Like most rabbits, she loves visitors.
Q:I heard a rumor that Bill is frequently out of toilet paper. There will be TP, right?
A:That’s been blown out of proportion. He’ll have enough to build a fort.

Here are directions to Bill's place.
It's right off of Back Bay Station (Orange Line). It's also very convenient from Copley on the Green. Don't drive if possible, because you'll pay through your ass to park.

A decent enough brief synopsis of Ulysses
The readings will be cool, really!