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#901,Township 32

Shauna, 19

Race: Franco

Religion: Catholic

Smoke?/Drink?: Yup/You betta believe it

Children: 3 (in state care)

Profession: Barfly

Notes: Named Miss Piscataquis County in 1999.

#913, Madawaska

Paulette, 23

Race: Franco

Religion: Catholic

Smoke?/Drink?: Weed only/Quite a bit

Children: Buffy, 2 and Dawson, 1

Profession: Sweeper at hair salon

Notes: Fluent in Canadian

#940, Livermore Falls

Kathleen, 20

Race: Mick

Religion: Catholic

Smoke?/Drink?: Yeah, Brothuh!/Yeah, Brothuh!

Children: 2 (aborted)

Profession: Millworker

Notes: Awarded “Most Improved” by Dept. Of Youth Corrections, 1996

#1011, Hermon

Lori, 18

Race: Franco/Passamaquoddy

Religion: Catholic/Tribal

Smoke?/Drink?: Christ, you gotta ask?/This, too?

Children: No (possibly infertile due to diesel fumes)

Profession: Bottle collector

Notes: Voted “Most Promiscuous,” Hermon HS, 2001