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Billy is CUTE

This page is designed to be a resource for fan fiction about Billy Bragg. Billy has kind of a cult following, but through the magic of IRC, I've found a few friends my age who also like Billy Bragg. Most of them have learned about Billy from an older sibling. I discovered him through an older brother's ex-girlfriend. I fell in love with Billy because of a song that he recorded about making Jesus president, and I've been hooked ever since! I love Billy's music, and he's really cute, too! I've created this page as a resource for people like me who want to share fiction about Billy, or even real stories if they've got them. I also plan to include a brief biography and discography, but there are already lots of sites out there about Billy. However, there appear to be none about fan fiction!

Please don't send me any stories that are stronger than a "PG" rating. I've received two stories that are just too sexual for this site. I don't enjoy them, and I don't think that our readers want them, either! And Billy's a gentleman-- he would never do that!

Here is my first story!

Nicole M. from Lexington, MA wrote this story. It's really great!

Cieranna C. from Shawnee Mission, KA sent in this one. I love it!

Laurie R. from Lewiston, ME authored a story about Billy and Beanies. What could be better?

Here's another story that I wrote.

Here is a link toBilly's homepage. Check it often for updates on him!

Send me your comments or send me your own fan fiction about Billy

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